The Enem Plural app was one of the most challenging jobs for us in República Interativa. Two months before Enem, the app has been developed in order to support studies for those who was getting ready to the exam and concours. The users can count on hundreds of classes and commented questions. Furthermore they can manage their studies by interest area, performance and exploitation.

The app was idealized by the Teacher, Historian, and Communicator Ricardo Carvalho who has more than 20 years of experience on teaching, always promoting and spreading the Human Sciences. Besides educator, Ricardo has worked with theater as an actor, author and director on a few shows such as “What I am going to be when I grow up” and “The Pacifists”. He has also directed two short films and a documentary which was recorded in África and called “Mbondo, our african origin”. In 2009 Ricardo has released a CD “Visão de Futuro” which is nothing more than sung history. His dedication on educational area made him a TV presenter on TV Record, TVE and Rede Bahia.

Ricardo’s expertise on education allied to República Interativa’s on technology and innovation, resulted this amazing job to show that technology and education are really important on social development together.